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Millennials enjoy creating funny & captivating YouTube videos about their last holidays and adventures. As part of Concepto Arena Blanca’s first blog article, we decided to focus on some of our previous guests’ experiences in the Riviera Maya.

Raised and born in Guadalajara/Mexico, Marco quickly discovered other wonderful parts of his own country. His creativity and great-eye made him catch unforgettable parts of his holiday. From mysterious cenotes to colourful bars in Tulum, discover his unique perspective of the Riviera Maya.

In 2018, Igor and his friend (both from Switzerland) organized a road trip to the Riviera Maya and Belize. Their passion for scuba diving and sea animals can be truly noticed in the video. They mentioned that the Caribbean Sea has wonderful diving & snorkel spots, which cannot be found elsewhere! They also drove to Playa del Carmen, where they got involved in exciting Latino parties.

Creating travel videos is a great way to entertain and inspire your audience. It can make anyone book a flight in the second. If you have great videos of the Yucatan Peninsula you’d like to share, please feel free to talk to CAB!